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Lower Kankakee Watershed Initiative 

The Lower Kankakee Watershed Initiative is a joint venture between the Jasper and Newton County SWCDs. The Jasper County SWCD was officially awarded a Section 319 grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) in Dec. ‘23-Jan ‘24 to implement the watershed management plan for the Lower Kankakee Watershed! The Newton County SWCD is a partner on this project providing technical assistance & outreach coordination. This grant will be used to provide cost-share and establish water quality and soil health projects throughout the watershed.

In 2024, we are developing the steering, technical, and educational committees to help guide the project, host a Hoosier River Watch Training, begin implementing the cost share program, and much more!
Are you interested in applying for cost share? Simply fill out the landowner cost share application linked above and return it to the Jasper or Newton County SWCD by mail or email.

Jasper County SWCD:             Phone: (219)866-8008 ext.3

Newton County SWCD:                           Phone: (219)285-2217
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