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The Lake and River Enhancement grant awarded to Newton and Jasper County SWCDs in 2021 addresses resource concerns in the slightly smaller, Knight Ditch-Kankakee River Watershed. This area has been identified as the highest priority area of land between Jasper and Newton Counties to reduce agricultural nutrient runoff and sedimentation to the Kankakee River. In Newton County, this watershed extends approximately from County Road 150 West, east into Jasper County and from County Road 700 North, north up to the Kankakee River.


Cost share funds are based on which practices the producer is interested in installing on their land. Eligible practices are those that help reduce excess nutrients, soil, and manure from entering waterbodies. Promoted practices include: field windbreaks, tree plantings, heavy use area protection, livestock fencing, stream crossings, conservation tillage, critical area plantings, filter strips, pasture and hayland plantings, and pollinator plantings.

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