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Living in Jasper County, Indiana means that agriculture is a huge part of our community and the overall land use.  Due to this fact, the Jasper County SWCD spends a lot of its' time and resources on addressing agriculturally specific resource concerns.  Educational and technical assistance to help land users improve the soil quality, and thereby water quality, of our county is available by contacting the Jasper County SWCD office.

  • Cover Crops: We don’t sell seed, but we do advise on what works for your farm setup.  Call us today!
  • Tillage Practices: Never till is the ideal, but we understand change is a journey and we are here to make your transition into less tillage successful.
  • Agriculture BMPs (Best Management Practices)

The term BMPs, was coined nearly 35 years ago as a way to describe acceptable practices that could be implemented to protect water quality and promote soil health and conservation.

A BMP can be a structural "thing" that you actually install on-the-ground. Examples may include runoff diversions, silt fence, stream buffers and ground cover vegetation over bare soil areas.

A BMP can also be part of the "process" that you use in your overall land management.

Agricultural Best Management Practices Brochure


Urban refers largely to residential and commercial land users.  Collecting and treating storm water runoff from roofs and concrete surfaces is the primary resource concern for urban residents.

  • Rain gardens are depressions built to a calculated size used to collect runoff and “treat” or filter the water with native plants that are highly adapted to our local environment, thus sending cleaner water to our storm water drainage systems and eventually our waterways.
  • Rain Barrels are containers that collect and store rainwater from roofs to be used to water plants and gardens.  Typically, one would cut their downspout to the appropriate height and insert the rain barrel underneath so the downspout water can collect in the barrel.  There are many types of diverters and connectors to capture and use the collected water.
  • Pervious Surfaces (pavement/concrete/pavers) refer to surfaces that allow water to seep through and infiltrate into the soil to be treated.  Storm water runoff from driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, etc is typically very dirty, and this water is going directly to our waterways.  This is a great practice to consider, especially if undergoing new construction.

 Urban Best Management Practices Brochure

Rule 5

We are the local agency that reviews storm water plans and issues letters to all projects disturbing more than 1 acre of ground.   

Well Testing

We are currently conducting a Private Well Testing Program in Jasper County that is being funded by an Arrowhead Country Resource Conservation and Development Grant. If you are interested in having your private well tested please contact Leslie Davisson at 219-866-8008 x3 to see if your well is in our testing area.

Tree and Native Plant Sales

We currently do not have any tree and native plant sales scheduled. Check back in the future to see if any are scheduled or contact our office at 219-866-8008 ext. 3!


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